Sunday, November 15, 2015

Students Become College and Career Ready for Real World

Helping Students Become College and Career Ready

Our middle and high school teachers spent part of the recent workshop day working on developing quality transition plans for our students in middle and high school. These transition plans are part of the IEP and guide a student's program in high school. Assessments are given to students, teachers, and parents throughout middle and high school to help students learn more about themselves as well as give teachers an idea of how to help the students plan beyond high school.

The teachers are working hard to be sure they are providing students with the supports they need to achieve goals developed in their transition plan. We begin writing these plans in 8th grade- if you have a student in high school take a look to see how it looks on their IEP.

High School Students getting real world experiences:

Part of some students' transition plans are developing work skills. Our high school students have a variety of opportunities to learn skills they can use after high school in the work force. There are a few ways students are doing this through work-based learning opportunities or attending BOCES programs for specific job skills.

We have students who are participating in work-based learning by working out in the community at Applebee's and Walmart with the support of job coaches. These students are learning job skills directly in the work place with their job coach to teach them the things they need to do on the job and help them navigate social interactions they may need support to work through.

We also have students who are attending OCM BOCES in the Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs in areas such as culinary arts and welding. These students attend classes for half of their day at BOCES and half of their day at the high school and plan to earn their Regents or Local diplomas. They will participate in internships or other work experiences as well.  Some of these programs allow a student the opportunity to pass a certification exam and be certified which will allow them to be employed out of high school. There are also other programs that provide job skills to help them to become employed or to continue with higher education.

BOCES also has a program specifically to help students earn a Career Development Occupational Students Credential (CDOS).  We have a few students who have attended or are attending this program which combines classroom and on-the job learning in a small setting with hands-on learning activities.  These students will earn the CDOS credential and exit with and employability profile and job skills that will assist them in obtaining a job after graduation.

Susan Murray
Director of Special Education