Tuesday, April 26, 2016

What's Happening at our Middle Schools

We have had some interesting projects happen at our middle schools in the last few months.

 Images are Powerful:At CMS, students in Mrs Philippone's class wrote essays using pictures of Syrian refugees entitled "Images Are Powerful". The students learned about the Syrian refugees through studying current events. They then chose a picture that they felt was a powerful image of a Syrian refugee and wrote an essay about what they thought was happening in the picture.

They used the knowledge they had gained from learning about the refugees as well as their own thoughts about what was happening. I was able to hear the students read their essay while they showed the pictures.  They did a terrific job sharing their essays- they were very well written!

SeaPerch Project: Students at WGMS just had their SeaPerch Launch and competition on April 21. The SeaPerch program was created by MIT with help from the Office of Naval Research.

The goal of the program is to give students hands-on experience with building robotic units and to encourage more students to go to college programs that include engineering and technical programs. For this Project Based Learning Unit, the students worked in teams to build underwater robotic units under the guidance of Mrs. Rice and Mr. Troendle.

The project culminated with a competition at the high school pool where the students had to guide their robots through a variety of tasks underwater.

To watch a video of the creation and competition please click here for the Seaperch Video.