Monday, January 8, 2018

Unified Sports Update

Well, it seems the snow finally stopped and we may have a bit of a warm spell this week! The snow sure looks beautiful but the temperatures were way too cold for me.

I just wanted to share an update with you all regarding our Unified Sports. As you remember, last year our District joined the inaugural year for Unified Sport in Section III. The basketball program was wonderful for all involved; even the spectators.

This year Mr. Burns our Athletic Director has worked to add a Unified Sports Bowling team to our District. We are excited to have this available for all of our 9-12 grade students starting this month with basketball to follow once the bowling season is done in early April.

Here are the details for the Unified  Sports Bowling team. You can register for the team on the Athletics webpage from the District site. If you have any questions regarding the Unified Sports Program, please contact Mike Burns, Athletic Director at 315-487-4560.

  • Practices (3): 2 the week of 1/29 and 1 the week of  2/5 (on our own...home lanes after school)
  • Matches (4): 2/8, 2/13, 2/15, 2/27 (Strike and Spare)
  • Culminating Event (1): 3/1 (Strike and Spare)

  • ​3 rounds
  • 3 scoring matches per round
  • 2 of the matches during a round are comprised of 1 partner & 1 athlete, the third match in a round will be comprised of 2 athletes and 2 partners.
  • A team combines their scores and earns one point for a win over an opponent (total of 9 points available; 3 points per round)
  • Teams can be switched up at the end of each round
  • Minimally, you will need 4 partners and 4 athletes to field a full squad.
  • Extra competitors can compete in exhibition matches.
  • Ramps are allowed for students that need them.